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Hey, I'm Alex. The adventurous, eco-friendly marketer that values a high quality of life just as much as you do.

At Toombs Creative, w​e do everything from examine the big picture, customize a growth strategy, determine short and long term marketing goals, and execute an effective strategy that will get you raising more brand awareness, making more sales, and spending more time doing what you love.

"Alex is a pleasure to work with. Her work was timely and well coordinated. She asked good questions and steered me in the right direction with her seasoned expertise. I'd highly recommend her to any company in need of customized digital marketing and web design."


Take Back Over 20 Hours a Week
Break Through the Burden of Digital Marketing

The Not-So-Tiny Marketing Transformation

You're delegating tasks, completing orders, and handling customer service…yet, your marketing looks dull, disorganized, and isn't attracting the attention of your ideal customers.


Simply put, your marketing and branding don't reflect the vibrancy or energy of your business!


Your business is one-of-a-kind and your marketing should express your unique, adventurous, and sustainable brand.  Organizing your brand's aesthetic, mapping out creative content, and communicating with clear intention is essential. 

Organizing your brand's aesthetic, mapping out creative content, and communicating with clear intention is essential. 


When you identify your most significant growth potential and create a streamlined plan to communicate what you offer, you'll automatically create the foundation to organize your workflow and focus - all so you can optimize time and produce the most effective and efficient results.


This framework then becomes your signature system and will make you stand out as switched on and savvy, instead of frazzled and burnt out.

By going through our Signature System, you will

1. Be filled with clarity and intention about your marketing communications

2. Feel at ease know that the tech features are under control

3. Be free with time to focus elsewhere

4. Experience comfort in having improved and unmistakable branding


5. Stand confident about your engaged audience 


6. Gain knowledge about growth and results

7. Scale your business with ease

Add in clear copy and beautifully branded graphics, and you will organically grow an engaged and eager audience that’s clamoring to buy from the expert, leader, and authority figure in the biz - aka, YOU!

By the end of 6 months, we guarantee that you will have an unwavering feeling of relief, pride, and confidence because your marketing and communications deliver the monetary and influential goals you sought after.


Established eco-home and sustainable-living businesses that are ready to level up, refine their marketing, and make a bigger impact.


Customized Marketing Plan

Monthly Zoom Strategy Calls

Facebook & Instagram Management

Email Marketing

Branded Graphics

Website Updates

Monthly Data Reports

On-going email support

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