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Creative and customized marketing packages 

for your eco and adventurous brand. 


This is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of outsourcing your social media marketing. We’ll work together on a strategy call to develop a communications plan. After that, our team will create the strategy and content calendar that allows for postings Monday through Friday each week.

You’ll handle the daily community management while we tackle the content creation that will build up your audience and start converting people into customers.

It’s a great stepping stone before diving into a more comprehensive marketing plan.


Strategy, five posts a week, copywriting, photos, and graphics.


$997 Monthly

Laptop On Tray


Scrolling through Instagram can be a timesuck and coming up with content to post can help you pull out your hair. We’ll create and publish all the researched content and be on the accounts every day to increase engagement, support the algorithm in your favor, and handle community management.


People will be flocking to your socials for information and entertainment. We’ll be there every day to ensure your audience feels cared for and your numbers go up up up!

There’s nothing like an excellent branded graphic to communicate information efficiently. We’ll help you tighten up your branding aesthetic to ensure that all visuals or cohesive and high-quality.


Branded graphics, strategy, daily posting, copywriting, community management, and monthly analytics.


$1,600 Monthly



Say goodbye to dull and disorganized content, low engagement, and confused customers and HELLO to a vibrant, organized, and profitable marketing system.


We know you’re out there delegating tasks, completing orders, and handling customer service. The Not-So-Tiny Marketing Transformation was crafted specifically so busy business owners can rediscover unproductive time throughout their day while putting more money in their bank account. It’s time for your marketing to be the entry ticket into what customers will love about your one-in-a-million brand.


Your vision for adventure and sustainability wants to be heard, and clear communication is essential. TRANSFORMATION starts with ORGANIZATION of your brand's aesthetic and mapping out strategic creative content. 


Together, we’ll hone in on your highest potential growth area and streamline a roadmap to communicate your product and vision most effectively.


The Toombs Creative Not-So-Tiny framework will become your business’ signature system and make you stand out as switched on and savvy, instead of frazzled and burnt out.


Customized Marketing Plan

Website Updates

Social Media Management

Custom Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Monthly Data Reports

Monthly Strategy Sessions

On-going Email Support


6-Month Commitment for $2,500 Monthly

Receive $500 off when you pay upfront

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Jenna McPartland

Alex is really the best at what she does. She takes the time to understand MY business, rather than applying cookie-cutter strategies to everyone. She works super fast and is able (and willing) to pivot on a dime when it's needed.

Cindi Faucher

My favorite part about working together was the way Alex laid out an actual plan, steps to take to be more successful.

David Hennessey

Alex is professional, easy to work with, and turns work around quickly. She's also a good human, which is even more important than being a good coworker.

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